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Friday 15 March 7.30pm 

The Cocoa Butter Club

Rich Mix

Tickets £ 12-15  


The ultimate creative clap-back! The Cocoa Butter Club was born as a protest and challenge to the performing arts landscape. Frustrated with the lack of diversity, constant cultural appropriation, and other limitations of the current cabaret scene, we set out to fill a cultural void. Providing a voice for ‘The Other’, we promote and celebrate performers of colour, creating a platform for the multitude of mediums artists create

From queer voices often shunned from the mainstream LGBTQ zeitgeist, to non-white creatives wanting to perform something outside of the expected or limited box.

We strive to ‘decolonise and moisturise’ the stages of London, the UK and aboard, redistributing the narrative of bodies of colour, providing agency and autonomy in celebrating our capabilities.