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How to Build a Universe

By Extended Play

Tickets £14-18 

Five people find themselves in a blank void between worlds. Led by a mysterious voice, they set out on an adventure to create a new universe, one shape at a time. As they dance their way through a cosmic orientation, echoes of past creations rise and fall. The real magic happens when they must welcome new cast members, who arrive without a map or instructions. Together, they improvise, weaving a tapestry of movement and emotion to bring a new universe to life, on a journey where dance, art, and spontaneity come together to create something unique. 

How to Build a Universe

How To Build A Universe is the latest production from choreographer Jamaal Burkmar. Formed of two parts, the piece showcases Extended Play’s creative process: visually striking, mesmerising dance to intoxicating music, and improvisation with guest participants. Through a collision of music and movement, audiences are invited to uncover the elemental joy at the heart of Extended Play’s practice.

Extended Play

A resident of Leeds, Jamaal Burkmar’s first creation was as a second year student at the Northern School for Contemporary Dance (NSCD) where he created a piece entitled Ocean. The work gained critical acclaim, and was performed around the north until Jamaal became the first and only undergraduate commissioned to rework the piece for VERVE, the postgraduate company at NSCD. Jamaal’s work is about music, it’s about the world that music creates and the world that our performers inhabit because of that. In 2021 Jamaal became one of ten new Work Place artists at The Place and has since created and toured Donuts, co-produced by The Place.

How To Build A Universe is co-produced by The Place and co-commissioned by The Place and Certain Blacks