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Hannah Finn Contortion Girl

Saturday 16 March 7.30pm 

Rich Mix

Tickets £10-12 

Hannah Finn Contortion Girl uses stories of survival from her Jewish ancestors to empower and reconnect with her own strength.  Chochma‘ which translates from Hebrew as ‘wisdom and the potential to be’, tells the story of a grandmother’s intuition and migration under the looming shadow of war. 


Hannah Finn Contortion Girl is a world-class contortionist from America, now based in the UK. Hannah stands out as a performer with her unique and fluid movement style, 14 years of experience in the industry, and high level, one-of-a-kind tricks, such as the ‘No Arm Triple Fold’, and ‘Needle Fall’. Hannah is one of just three UK artists using the Mongolian Mouthpiece, and the only one to perform in a bespoke spinning cube.  Hannah’s work features innovative and jaw dropping skills, as well as offering a new perspective on contortion, as she blends her passion, artistry, and unique outlook.